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January 20, 2010

Hey everyone.

So I’ve decided to start a blog again! I had one sophomore year, however,  I had lost motivation to keep it going. Simply put: I just wasn’t inspired to do it anymore.

I can’t promise that won’t happen with this blog, but what I DO know is that this blog is here now! It will basically be a place where I’ll share some of my thoughts on certain issues.  It may contain the most random topics, some light-hearted and perhaps some that go a little deeper. There may even be times when I play devil’s advocate just to show different sides to a topic. But hey, that’s kind of the nice part about this blog: no limits. (Hence the title.  See the “About” page.)

I hope that you enjoy the blog! At the very least, I invite you to push past your own limits. Once you decide that something won’t stand in your way, it simply doesn’t.

Thanks for reading! New posts are on there way 🙂

*Update*: PS.  If any of you who actually know me are wondering who JT is, it’s me! lol. It’s my pen name for now-trying something different. It does stand for  something though, but perhaps I’ll share later 🙂

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