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Natural Tresses (Pt. 1)

January 22, 2010

Kinks. Coils. Curls. … Au Naturale.

(This might be one of the longer posts I write, but I think it’s worth it. It’ll be in 2 parts to help section it.)

So lately I’ve been obsessed with the topic and the idea of going natural. By obsessed, I mean I’ve been consuming numerous sites and blogs on the topic. Being ‘natural’ means not having any part of your hair chemically altered (excluding hair dyes. I’ll get to that in another post).  So for example, if you haven’t gotten a perm in 6 months but you still have perm throughout half of your hair or even on your ends, technically you’d be in transition (or due for another relaxer) depending on what your goal is. Texturizers count as chemical alterations as well because you are chemically altering the structure of your hair.

So, this topic became relevant for me because I became curious about my natural hair texture. I’ve been getting relaxers since I was 4, so I don’t really remember what it was like. However, the more “new growth” I had the more it crossed it mind.  The more these unfamiliar crinkles grew out of my head, the more curious I became. There was actually one time I didn’t get a relaxer for 5 months (by accident and sheer laziness lol) and I had accumulated a TON of new growth. I remember thinking to myself, ‘wow, my hair isn’t that bad. It doesn’t seem to be all crazy looking like I thought it would be.” Needless to say I liked it. I thought my crinkly roots were… dare I say, “cool.”

Before I pose these questions to you, I want to be clear. I’m not anti-relaxer, texturizer or anti-people who process their hair. In fact my hair is mostly relaxed right now and some of the people I love most in my life have relaxed hair and will most likely stay that way regardless of any convo we have on this topic.

What I am, however, is pro-information. Through my own research I’ve learned A LOT about natural hair.  There are a myriad of textures out there (on every race and every skin complexion).  You can’t look at the girl next to you and swear you guys will have the same type of hair. However my question is, why are a lot of women so against going natural or have never even considered it? Is it because natural hair is:



“Too Nappy?”

“You gotta have good hair to do that.”

“I don’t wanna stick out”

This is just how I’ve always done my hair, so I  never really thought about it.

“I want long hair. Black hair doesn’t grow.”

I’d have to get all this’ earthy stuff’ to take care of it. natural products.

“It’s too unmanageable.”

Makes you apprehensive?


Whatever your answers are, just be truthful to yourself. I’ve thought a couple of these things at some point in my life or another. After reading and becoming more informed, all I have to say is that most, if not ALL of these common misconceptions of natural hair have proven to be otherwise.

Yes, some people with natural hair do have ugly looking hair, BUT it’s not because it’s natural. It’s because they haven’t learned to or don’t care to learn how to take care of it. The same is true for people with relaxed hair or weaves. I’ve definitely seen some ugly weaves, or thinned out, badly damaged, dry and brittle relaxed hair. I’ve also seen other textures look a mess. If you don’t take care of your hair, it’s not gonna make you a happy camper.

Some people might say, well “It’s just hair, no biggie.” It’s true. In a sense, it is just hair. But the condition of your hair, or lack of it (if your bald), does make a statement. It’s just hair, but many of us spend tons of $$ on it, whether it’s to keep those roots touched up, get our wonderful sew-ins, or our 1000 dollar lace front wigs. If it’s ‘just hair’ then what’s the big deal?  Why not just let it grow out our scalp, and handle it that way.

This post isn’t aimed to make every woman go natural. Instead, it’s just a topic to consider something you may never have before… push past a comfortable point of thinking if you will.

If it really is as simple as ‘it’s just hair’ Why are so many of us running to get that familiar white cream every time our roots sprouts up?



January 20, 2010

Hey everyone.

So I’ve decided to start a blog again! I had one sophomore year, however,  I had lost motivation to keep it going. Simply put: I just wasn’t inspired to do it anymore.

I can’t promise that won’t happen with this blog, but what I DO know is that this blog is here now! It will basically be a place where I’ll share some of my thoughts on certain issues.  It may contain the most random topics, some light-hearted and perhaps some that go a little deeper. There may even be times when I play devil’s advocate just to show different sides to a topic. But hey, that’s kind of the nice part about this blog: no limits. (Hence the title.  See the “About” page.)

I hope that you enjoy the blog! At the very least, I invite you to push past your own limits. Once you decide that something won’t stand in your way, it simply doesn’t.

Thanks for reading! New posts are on there way 🙂

*Update*: PS.  If any of you who actually know me are wondering who JT is, it’s me! lol. It’s my pen name for now-trying something different. It does stand for  something though, but perhaps I’ll share later 🙂